The heart of ancient Russian culture in one of the most fascinating trip of 2018

29 JUNE – 9 JULY 2018
Run Orienteering
Watch football
Tour was made especially for athletes and amateurs of orienteering
This is an amazing journey to Nizhny Novgorod, which is filled with beauty of nature and cultural attractions. You will take part in large multi-day orienteering, trail. There also will be time to visit the matches of World Cup.
You will visit
8 starts
Running 4-days orienteering week – Volzhskie prostory.
Running 3 extra o-events – regional Champs in sprint.
Running 1 trail-running event.
More then 100 sights
Visiting 7 unique cities, including Nizhni Novgorod (1221) – the capital of region.
Participating 17 exciting excursions about the life in ancient and modern Russia. Participating master class of creating Matreshka!
Visiting speleology center.
Visiting 5 biggest and most old and famous Ortodox monasteries with unique artifacts.
Trying traditional Russian meals!

2 football matches
Watching 2 football matches – 1/8 and 1/4 final of FIFA in Nizhni Novgorod or watching matches in the competition center.
Tour dates: 29 June – 9 July 2018
Flexible 11 day program with daily trainings.
Why our tour?
Because of reliable tour operator
The company ROMANOVA TRAVEL has been working in the market of tourist services since 1998. The company's brand has become reliable and qualitative for numerous customers and partners. This company is a leader of the Nizhny Novgorod tourist industry, including the largest volume and number of proposed tour programs in Nizhny Novgorod and in the Vladimir region.
The high level of organization
Within the framework of all-Russian competitions VOLZHSKIE PROSTORY and the Open Championship of Nizhni Novgorod prepared by a team of professionals, you will be able to run on the unique karst area with new sprint maps.
Intensive tourist program
We perfectly know our land and have prepared some fascinating excursions to the most interesting places of the Nizhny Novgorod region, large-scale competitions and transfer to World Cup matches in Nizhny Novgorod.
Love football?
On the official website of FIFA you can apply for tickets for the matches 1/8 and 1/4 of the World Cup-finals in Nizhny Novgorod. Matches of the championship will be broadcast in the competition center.
Romanova Travel
Tour operator
Sport project GENESIS
Organizer of competition
Nizhii Novgorod orienteering federation
Organizer of competition
Price-list (in RUR)
English-speaking group LUX
number of participants in the group are 30 persons
- Hotel Diana in Arzamas Hotel
- Rublev or Premier-Hotel in Gorodec
- Eco-park "Lesnoy Klyuch" in Vorsma
77 000
number of participants in the group are 40 persons
- Hotel Diana in Arzamas Hotel
- Rublev or Premier-Hotel in Gorodec
- Eco-park "Lesnoy Klyuch" in Vorsma
75 000
Total price includes
Extra price for additional excursions
  • 03.07 Murom from 1400 RUR
  • 05.07 Podvyaz'e Dudin Monastery – from 1700 RUR
  • 06.07 Nizhni Novgorod from 1800 RUR
  • 07.07 Pavlovo - Vorsma from 1700 RUR
Additional services
  • Additional payment for 1 single person: 14500 RUR per person (by request)
  • Additional payment for rooms of category SUIT, LUX: 15000 RUR/person (by request)
  • 01.07.18 – extra payment for transfer to accommodation from football match - 500 RUR per person (10 people group)
  • 02 or 06.07.18 – Extra payment for ropeway – 250 RUR per person.
Visa to Russia
The football ticket may be the base of your VISA to Russia. About visa-free entry to Russia read here:
Tickets to football matches are here:
If you don't plan to visit football matches, you need to apply for visa in Russian embassy by common rules.

Our agency will make an invitation (voucher) for you to present to Russian Embassy in your country.

Sports trip is waiting for you this summer!
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